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Modern GPU

Modern GPU is code and commentary intended to promote new and productive ways of thinking about GPU computing.

This project is a library, an algorithms book, a tutorial, and a best-practices guide. If you are new to CUDA, start here. If you're already familiar with CUDA, are ready for a challenge, and want to learn design patterns for parallel programming, enjoy this series.

GTC 2014 slides and companion source code.

Turning the Crank on Streaming Algorithms presentation for IBM CASCON 2013.

Notes on breaking changes.

  1. FAQ

  2. Introduction

  3. Performance

  4. The Library

  5. Reduce and Scan

  6. Bulk Remove and Bulk Insert

  7. Merge

  8. Mergesort

  9. Segmented Sort and Locality Sort

  10. Vectorized Sorted Search

  11. Load-Balancing Search

  12. IntervalExpand and IntervalMove

  13. Relational Joins

  14. Multisets

  15. Segmented Reduction