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cub::TexObjInputIterator< T, OffsetT > Class Template Reference

Detailed description

template< typename T, typename OffsetT = ptrdiff_t>
class cub::TexObjInputIterator< T, OffsetT >

A random-access input wrapper for dereferencing array values through texture cache. Uses newer Kepler-style texture objects.

  • TexObjInputIteratorTwraps a native device pointer of type ValueType*. References to elements are to be loaded through texture cache.
  • Can be used to load any data type from memory through texture cache.
  • Can be manipulated and exchanged within and between host and device functions, can only be constructed within host functions, and can only be dereferenced within device functions.
  • With regard to nested/dynamic parallelism, TexObjInputIteratorTiterators may only be created by the host thread, but can be used by any descendant kernel.
  • Compatible with Thrust API v1.7 or newer.
The code snippet below illustrates the use of TexRefInputIteratorTto dereference a device array of doubles through texture cache.
#include <cub/cub.cuh> // or equivalently <cub/iterator/tex_obj_input_iterator.cuh>
// Declare, allocate, and initialize a device array
int num_items; // e.g., 7
double *d_in; // e.g., [8.0, 6.0, 7.0, 5.0, 3.0, 0.0, 9.0]
// Create an iterator wrapper
itr.BindTexture(d_in, sizeof(double) * num_items);
// Within device code:
printf("%f\n", itr[0]); // 8.0
printf("%f\n", itr[1]); // 6.0
printf("%f\n", itr[6]); // 9.0
Template Parameters
TThe value type of this iterator
OffsetTThe difference type of this iterator (Default: ptrdiff_t)

Public Types

typedef TexObjInputIterator self_type
 My own type.
typedef OffsetT difference_type
 Type to express the result of subtracting one iterator from another.
typedef T value_type
 The type of the element the iterator can point to.
typedef T * pointer
 The type of a pointer to an element the iterator can point to.
typedef T reference
 The type of a reference to an element the iterator can point to.
 The iterator category.

Public Methods

__host__ __device__ __forceinline__ TexObjInputIterator ()
template<typename QualifiedT >
cudaError_t BindTexture (QualifiedT *ptr, size_t bytes=size_t(-1), size_t tex_offset=0)
 Use this iterator to bind ptr with a texture reference. More...
cudaError_t UnbindTexture ()
 Unbind this iterator from its texture reference.
__host__ __device__
__forceinline__ self_type 
operator++ (int)
 Postfix increment.
__host__ __device__
__forceinline__ self_type 
operator++ ()
 Prefix increment.
__host__ __device__
__forceinline__ reference 
operator* () const
template<typename Distance >
__host__ __device__
__forceinline__ self_type 
operator+ (Distance n) const
template<typename Distance >
__host__ __device__
__forceinline__ self_type
operator+= (Distance n)
 Addition assignment.
template<typename Distance >
__host__ __device__
__forceinline__ self_type 
operator- (Distance n) const
template<typename Distance >
__host__ __device__
__forceinline__ self_type
operator-= (Distance n)
 Subtraction assignment.
__host__ __device__
operator- (self_type other) const
template<typename Distance >
__host__ __device__
__forceinline__ reference 
operator[] (Distance n) const
 Array subscript.
__host__ __device__
__forceinline__ pointer 
operator-> ()
 Structure dereference.
__host__ __device__
__forceinline__ bool 
operator== (const self_type &rhs)
 Equal to.
__host__ __device__
__forceinline__ bool 
operator!= (const self_type &rhs)
 Not equal to.


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const self_type &itr)
 ostream operator

Member Function Documentation

template<typename T, typename OffsetT = ptrdiff_t>
template<typename QualifiedT >
cudaError_t cub::TexObjInputIterator< T, OffsetT >::BindTexture ( QualifiedT *  ptr,
size_t  bytes = size_t(-1),
size_t  tex_offset = 0 

Use this iterator to bind ptr with a texture reference.

ptrNative pointer to wrap that is aligned to cudaDeviceProp::textureAlignment
bytesNumber of bytes in the range
tex_offsetOffsetT (in items) from ptr denoting the position of the iterator

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