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cub::ReduceBySegmentOp< ReductionOpT > Struct Template Reference

Detailed description

template< typename ReductionOpT>
struct cub::ReduceBySegmentOp< ReductionOpT >

Reduce-by-segment functor.

Given two cub::KeyValuePair inputs a and b and a binary associative combining operator f(const T &x, const T &y), an instance of this functor returns a cub::KeyValuePair whose key field is a.key + b.key, and whose value field is either b.value if b.key is non-zero, or f(a.value, b.value) otherwise.

ReduceBySegmentOp is an associative, non-commutative binary combining operator for input sequences of cub::KeyValuePair pairings. Such sequences are typically used to represent a segmented set of values to be reduced and a corresponding set of {0,1}-valued integer "head flags" demarcating the first value of each segment.< Binary reduction operator to apply to values

Public Methods

__host__ __device__ __forceinline__ ReduceBySegmentOp ()
__host__ __device__ __forceinline__ ReduceBySegmentOp (ReductionOpT op)
template<typename KeyValuePairT >
__host__ __device__
__forceinline__ KeyValuePairT 
operator() (const KeyValuePairT &first, const KeyValuePairT &second)
 Scan operator. More...

Public Members

ReductionOpT op
 Wrapped reduction operator.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename ReductionOpT >
template<typename KeyValuePairT >
__host__ __device__ __forceinline__ KeyValuePairT cub::ReduceBySegmentOp< ReductionOpT >::operator() ( const KeyValuePairT &  first,
const KeyValuePairT &  second 

Scan operator.

< KeyValuePair pairing of T (value) and OffsetT (head flag)

firstFirst partial reduction
secondSecond partial reduction

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