RPT Member List

This is the complete list of members for RPT, including all inherited members.

draw(RenderingContext &renderer)RendererInterfaceinlinevirtual
dump_speed_stats(FILE *stats)RendererInterfaceinlinevirtual
factory() (defined in RPT)RPTinlinestatic
init(int argc, char **argv, RenderingContext &renderer)RPTvirtual
keyboard(unsigned char character, int x, int y, bool &invalidate)RendererInterfaceinlinevirtual
m_counters (defined in RPT)RPT
m_generator (defined in RPT)RPT
m_hits (defined in RPT)RPT
m_options (defined in RPT)RPT
m_pixels (defined in RPT)RPT
m_probs (defined in RPT)RPT
m_random (defined in RPT)RPT
m_rays (defined in RPT)RPT
m_sequence (defined in RPT)RPT
m_time (defined in RPT)RPT
m_vpls (defined in RPT)RPT
m_weights (defined in RPT)RPT
m_weights2 (defined in RPT)RPT
mouse(RenderingContext &renderer, int button, int state, int x, int y)RendererInterfaceinlinevirtual
register_auxiliary_channels(FBufferStorage &fbuffer, const uint32 channel_offset)RendererInterfaceinlinevirtual
render(const uint32 instance, RenderingContext &renderer)RPTvirtual
RPT() (defined in RPT)RPT
setup_samples(const uint32 instance) (defined in RPT)RPT
update_scene(RenderingContext &renderer)RendererInterfaceinlinevirtual