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nvbio::cuda::WorkQueue< PersistentThreadsQueueTag, WorkUnitT, BLOCKDIM > Struct Template Reference

Detailed description

template< typename WorkUnitT, uint32 BLOCKDIM>
struct nvbio::cuda::WorkQueue< PersistentThreadsQueueTag, WorkUnitT, BLOCKDIM >

Implements a WorkQueue using persistent warps to fetch more work at a warp's granularity. with dynamic work assignment. Each work-unit is assigned to a single thread, which runs until completion of all its continuations. Useful if the number of continuations is fairly random. Potentially destroys intra-CTA memory coherence. Very low continuation overhead.

The user of this class have to specify a WorkStream class responsible for feeding work to the queue in the shape of a subclass WorkStream::WorkUnit. The latter is responsible for specifying the data and execution of each unit. WorkStream has to implement two methods:

uint32 size() const void get(const uint32 i, WorkUnit* unit, const uint2 queue_slot)

When the method WorkQueue::consume( stream ) is called, the queue will launch a kernel to consume all WorkUnit's in the stream. WorkUnit has to implement a single method:

bool WorkUnit::run(const WorkStream& context)

which should run the associated work and indicate whether the unit has finished execution, or whether it has produced a continuation (stored in the WorkUnit itself), that has to be run further. The WorkQueue will automatically queue the continuation for later execution.

Optionally, the class can also be passed a WorkMover which is responsible for moving additional data attached to any WorkUnit. This must implement a method:

void move( const WorkStream& stream, const uint2 src_slot, WorkUnit* src_unit, const uint2 dst_slot, WorkUnit* dst_unit) const;

Definition at line 123 of file work_queue_persistent.h.

#include <work_queue_persistent.h>

Public Types

typedef WorkUnitT WorkUnit

Public Methods

 WorkQueue ()
void set_capacity (const uint32 capacity)
void set_min_utilization (const float min_utilization)
template<typename WorkStream >
void consume (const WorkStream stream, WorkQueueStats *stats=NULL)
template<typename WorkStream , typename WorkMover >
void consume (const WorkStream stream, const WorkMover mover, WorkQueueStats *stats=NULL)

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