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DomainBuffer< TYPE, T > Class Template Reference
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Buffer< T >

Public Methods

 DomainBuffer (size_t count=0, PageLockedState pageLockedState=UNLOCKED)
template<BufferType UTYPE>
 DomainBuffer (const DomainBuffer< UTYPE, T > &src)
DomainBuffer< TYPE, T > & operator= (const Buffer< T > &src)
DomainBuffer< TYPE, T > & operator= (const ManagedBuffer< T > &src)
- Public Methods inherited from Buffer< T >
 Buffer (size_t count=0, BufferType type=HOST_BUFFER, PageLockedState pageLockedState=UNLOCKED)
 Buffer (const Buffer< T > &src)
Buffer< T > & operator= (const Buffer< T > &src)
Buffer< T > & operator= (const ManagedBuffer< T > &src)
void alloc (size_t count)
void alloc (size_t count, BufferType type, PageLockedState pageLockedState=UNLOCKED)
void resize (const size_t count)
void copy_from (const size_t count, const BufferType src_type, const T *src, const uint32 dst_offset=0)
void clear (const uint8 byte)
void free ()
size_t count () const
size_t sizeInBytes () const
const T * ptr () const
T * ptr ()
BufferType type () const
operator[] (const size_t i) const
T & operator[] (const size_t i)
void set (const size_t i, const T val)
void swap (Buffer< T > &buf)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Members inherited from Buffer< T >
BufferType m_type
T * m_ptr
int m_device
size_t m_count
PageLockedState m_pageLockedState

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