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MeshView Struct Reference

Detailed description

This class provides basic Mesh view

#include <MeshView.h>

Public Types

typedef int4 vertex_triangle
typedef int4 normal_triangle
typedef int4 texture_triangle
typedef int4 lightmap_triangle
typedef float4 vertex_type
typedef float3 normal_type
typedef float2 texture_coord_type

Public Members

int num_vertices
int num_normals
int num_texture_coordinates
int num_triangles
int num_groups
int num_materials
int vertex_stride
int normal_stride
int texture_stride
float2 tex_bias
float2 tex_scale
float2 lm_bias
float2 lm_scale
int * vertex_indices
int * normal_indices
int * normal_indices_comp
int * material_indices
int * texture_indices
int * texture_indices_comp
int * group_offsets
float * vertex_data
float * normal_data
uint32 * normal_data_comp
float * texture_data
int * lightmap_indices
int * lightmap_indices_comp
float * lightmap_data

Static Public Members

static const uint32 VERTEX_TRIANGLE_SIZE = 4
static const uint32 NORMAL_TRIANGLE_SIZE = 4
static const uint32 TEXTURE_TRIANGLE_SIZE = 4
static const uint32 LIGHTMAP_TRIANGLE_SIZE = 4

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