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VertexGeometry Struct Reference

Detailed description

Vertex geometry.

Encodes the local differential surface geometry at a point, including its tangent, binormal and normal, as well the local texture coordinates.

#include <vertex.h>

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Public Members

cugar::Vector3f position
float padding
cugar::Vector4f texture_coords
cugar::Vector2f lightmap_coords
- Public Members inherited from cugar::DifferentialGeometry
Vector3f normal_s
Vector3f normal_g
Vector3f tangent
Vector3f binormal

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Methods inherited from cugar::DifferentialGeometry
CUGAR_HOST_DEVICE Vector3f to_local (const Vector3f v) const
CUGAR_HOST_DEVICE Vector3f from_local (const Vector3f v) const
CUGAR_HOST_DEVICE float cos_theta_l (const Vector3f v) const
CUGAR_HOST_DEVICE float cos_theta_g (const Vector3f v) const

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