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Hello DNA!
This page will teach you to familiarize with some of NVBIO's basic containers and concepts, showing you how to instantiate a PackedVector to store some DNA string. Packed vectors are useful to represent streams of symbols using a few bits per symbol. For a DNA alphabet, we'll only need 2-bits:
void main()
// our hello world ASCII string
const char dna_string[] = "ACGTTGCA";
const uint32 len = uint32( strlen( dna_string ) );
// our DNA alphabet size, in bits
const uint32 ALPHABET_SIZE = AlphabetTraits<DNA>::SYMBOL_SIZE;
// instantiate a packed host vector
// and fill it in with the contents of our original string, converted
// to a 2-bit DNA alphabet (i.e. A = 0, C = 1, G = 2, T = 3)
nvbio::assign( len, nvbio::from_string<DNA>( dna_string ), h_dna.begin() );
// copy the packed vector to the device

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