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FM-Index I/O

Detailed Description

This module contains a series of classes to load FM-indices from disk into:


struct  nvbio::io::FMIndexDataCore
struct  nvbio::io::FMIndexData
struct  nvbio::io::FMIndexDataHost
struct  nvbio::io::FMIndexDataMMAPInfo
struct  nvbio::io::FMIndexDataMMAPServer
struct  nvbio::io::FMIndexDataMMAP
struct  nvbio::io::FMIndexDataDevice


void nvbio::io::init_ssa (const FMIndexData &driver_data, FMIndexData::ssa_storage_type &ssa, FMIndexData::ssa_storage_type &rssa)
void nvbio::io::init_ssa (const FMIndexDataDevice &driver_data, FMIndexDataDevice::ssa_storage_type &ssa, FMIndexDataDevice::ssa_storage_type &rssa)

Function Documentation

void nvbio::io::init_ssa ( const FMIndexData &  driver_data,
FMIndexData::ssa_storage_type &  ssa,
FMIndexData::ssa_storage_type &  rssa 
void nvbio::io::init_ssa ( const FMIndexDataDevice &  driver_data,
FMIndexDataDevice::ssa_storage_type &  ssa,
FMIndexDataDevice::ssa_storage_type &  rssa 

initialize the sampled suffix arrays on the GPU given a device-side FM-index.