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BAM_alignment_batch_SoA Struct Reference

Detailed description

Definition at line 152 of file bam_io.h.

#include <bam_io.h>

Public Methods

 BAM_alignment_batch_SoA ()
 BAM_alignment_batch_SoA (uint32 fields)
void reserve ()
void allocate (const BAM_alignment_batch_SoA &size_batch)
void reset ()
void free ()
void shuffle (BAM_alignment_batch_SoA &batch_out, H_VectorU64 shuffle_idx)

Public Members

uint32 field_mask
uint64 num_alns
H_VectorCigarOp cigars
H_VectorDNA16 reads
H_VectorU16 bin
H_VectorU8 qualities
H_VectorU16 flags
H_VectorU32 positions
H_VectorU32 refIDs
H_VectorU8 mapq
H_VectorU8 aux_data
H_VectorU8 names
H_VectorU32 next_positions
H_VectorU32 next_refIDs
nvbio::vector< host_tag,
nvbio::vector< host_tag,

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BAM_alignment_batch_SoA::BAM_alignment_batch_SoA ( )

Definition at line 154 of file bam_io.h.

BAM_alignment_batch_SoA::BAM_alignment_batch_SoA ( uint32  fields)

Definition at line 155 of file bam_io.h.

Member Function Documentation

void BAM_alignment_batch_SoA::allocate ( const BAM_alignment_batch_SoA size_batch)

Definition at line 194 of file bam_io.h.

void BAM_alignment_batch_SoA::free ( )

Definition at line 233 of file bam_io.h.

void BAM_alignment_batch_SoA::reserve ( )

Definition at line 174 of file bam_io.h.

void BAM_alignment_batch_SoA::reset ( )

Definition at line 214 of file bam_io.h.

void BAM_alignment_batch_SoA::shuffle ( BAM_alignment_batch_SoA batch_out,
H_VectorU64  shuffle_idx 

Definition at line 252 of file bam_io.h.

Member Data Documentation

nvbio::vector<host_tag, BAM_NAUX_index> BAM_alignment_batch_SoA::aln_index

Definition at line 172 of file bam_io.h.

H_VectorU8 BAM_alignment_batch_SoA::aux_data

Definition at line 167 of file bam_io.h.

H_VectorU16 BAM_alignment_batch_SoA::bin

Definition at line 161 of file bam_io.h.

H_VectorCigarOp BAM_alignment_batch_SoA::cigars

Definition at line 159 of file bam_io.h.

nvbio::vector<host_tag, BAM_CRQ_index> BAM_alignment_batch_SoA::crq_index

Definition at line 171 of file bam_io.h.

uint32 BAM_alignment_batch_SoA::field_mask

Definition at line 157 of file bam_io.h.

H_VectorU16 BAM_alignment_batch_SoA::flags

Definition at line 163 of file bam_io.h.

H_VectorU8 BAM_alignment_batch_SoA::mapq

Definition at line 166 of file bam_io.h.

H_VectorU8 BAM_alignment_batch_SoA::names

Definition at line 168 of file bam_io.h.

H_VectorU32 BAM_alignment_batch_SoA::next_positions

Definition at line 169 of file bam_io.h.

H_VectorU32 BAM_alignment_batch_SoA::next_refIDs

Definition at line 170 of file bam_io.h.

uint64 BAM_alignment_batch_SoA::num_alns

Definition at line 158 of file bam_io.h.

H_VectorU32 BAM_alignment_batch_SoA::positions

Definition at line 164 of file bam_io.h.

H_VectorU8 BAM_alignment_batch_SoA::qualities

Definition at line 162 of file bam_io.h.

H_VectorDNA16 BAM_alignment_batch_SoA::reads

Definition at line 160 of file bam_io.h.

H_VectorU32 BAM_alignment_batch_SoA::refIDs

Definition at line 165 of file bam_io.h.

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