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LZ4F_cctx_internal_t Struct Reference

Detailed description

Definition at line 115 of file lz4frame.c.

Public Members

LZ4F_preferences_t prefs
U32 version
U32 cStage
size_t maxBlockSize
size_t maxBufferSize
size_t tmpInSize
XXH32_state_t xxh
void * lz4CtxPtr
U32 lz4CtxLevel

Member Data Documentation

U32 LZ4F_cctx_internal_t::cStage

Definition at line 119 of file lz4frame.c.

U32 LZ4F_cctx_internal_t::lz4CtxLevel

Definition at line 127 of file lz4frame.c.

void* LZ4F_cctx_internal_t::lz4CtxPtr

Definition at line 126 of file lz4frame.c.

size_t LZ4F_cctx_internal_t::maxBlockSize

Definition at line 120 of file lz4frame.c.

size_t LZ4F_cctx_internal_t::maxBufferSize

Definition at line 121 of file lz4frame.c.

LZ4F_preferences_t LZ4F_cctx_internal_t::prefs

Definition at line 117 of file lz4frame.c.

BYTE* LZ4F_cctx_internal_t::tmpBuff

Definition at line 122 of file lz4frame.c.

BYTE* LZ4F_cctx_internal_t::tmpIn

Definition at line 123 of file lz4frame.c.

size_t LZ4F_cctx_internal_t::tmpInSize

Definition at line 124 of file lz4frame.c.

U32 LZ4F_cctx_internal_t::version

Definition at line 118 of file lz4frame.c.

XXH32_state_t LZ4F_cctx_internal_t::xxh

Definition at line 125 of file lz4frame.c.

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