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LZ4F_dctx_internal_t Struct Reference

Detailed description

Definition at line 130 of file lz4frame.c.

Public Members

LZ4F_frameInfo_t frameInfo
unsigned version
unsigned dStage
size_t maxBlockSize
size_t maxBufferSize
const BYTEsrcExpect
size_t tmpInSize
size_t tmpInTarget
size_t dictSize
size_t tmpOutSize
size_t tmpOutStart
XXH32_state_t xxh
BYTE header [8]

Member Data Documentation

BYTE* LZ4F_dctx_internal_t::dict

Definition at line 142 of file lz4frame.c.

size_t LZ4F_dctx_internal_t::dictSize

Definition at line 143 of file lz4frame.c.

unsigned LZ4F_dctx_internal_t::dStage

Definition at line 134 of file lz4frame.c.

LZ4F_frameInfo_t LZ4F_dctx_internal_t::frameInfo

Definition at line 132 of file lz4frame.c.

BYTE LZ4F_dctx_internal_t::header[8]

Definition at line 148 of file lz4frame.c.

size_t LZ4F_dctx_internal_t::maxBlockSize

Definition at line 135 of file lz4frame.c.

size_t LZ4F_dctx_internal_t::maxBufferSize

Definition at line 136 of file lz4frame.c.

const BYTE* LZ4F_dctx_internal_t::srcExpect

Definition at line 137 of file lz4frame.c.

BYTE* LZ4F_dctx_internal_t::tmpIn

Definition at line 138 of file lz4frame.c.

size_t LZ4F_dctx_internal_t::tmpInSize

Definition at line 139 of file lz4frame.c.

size_t LZ4F_dctx_internal_t::tmpInTarget

Definition at line 140 of file lz4frame.c.

BYTE* LZ4F_dctx_internal_t::tmpOut

Definition at line 144 of file lz4frame.c.

BYTE* LZ4F_dctx_internal_t::tmpOutBuffer

Definition at line 141 of file lz4frame.c.

size_t LZ4F_dctx_internal_t::tmpOutSize

Definition at line 145 of file lz4frame.c.

size_t LZ4F_dctx_internal_t::tmpOutStart

Definition at line 146 of file lz4frame.c.

unsigned LZ4F_dctx_internal_t::version

Definition at line 133 of file lz4frame.c.

XXH32_state_t LZ4F_dctx_internal_t::xxh

Definition at line 147 of file lz4frame.c.

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