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SAM_hdr_item_s Struct Reference

Detailed description

The parsed version of the SAM header string.

Each header type (SQ, RG, HD, etc) points to its own SAM_hdr_type struct via the main hash table h in the SAM_hdr struct.

These in turn consist of circular bi-directional linked lists (ie rings) to hold the multiple instances of the same header type code. For example if we have 5 @SQ lines the primary hash table will key on @SQ pointing to the first SAM_hdr_type and that in turn will be part of a ring of 5 elements.

For each SAM_hdr_type structure we also point to a SAM_hdr_tag structure which holds the tokenised attributes; the tab separated key:value pairs per line.

Definition at line 134 of file sam_header.h.

#include <sam_header.h>

Public Members

struct SAM_hdr_item_snext
struct SAM_hdr_item_sprev
int order

Member Data Documentation

struct SAM_hdr_item_s* SAM_hdr_item_s::next

Definition at line 135 of file sam_header.h.

int SAM_hdr_item_s::order

Definition at line 138 of file sam_header.h.

struct SAM_hdr_item_s* SAM_hdr_item_s::prev

Definition at line 136 of file sam_header.h.

SAM_hdr_tag* SAM_hdr_item_s::tag

Definition at line 137 of file sam_header.h.

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