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SAM_hdr_tag_s Struct Reference

Detailed description

A single key:value pair on a header line

These form a linked list and hold strings. The strings are allocated from a string_alloc_t pool referenced in the master SAM_hdr structure. Do not attempt to free, malloc or manipulate these strings directly.

Definition at line 113 of file sam_header.h.

#include <sam_header.h>

Public Members

struct SAM_hdr_tag_snext
char * str
int len

Member Data Documentation

int SAM_hdr_tag_s::len

Definition at line 116 of file sam_header.h.

struct SAM_hdr_tag_s* SAM_hdr_tag_s::next

Definition at line 114 of file sam_header.h.

char* SAM_hdr_tag_s::str

Definition at line 115 of file sam_header.h.

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