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extract_unique_adjacencies Struct Reference

Detailed description

Definition at line 982 of file kmers_inl.h.

#include <kmers_inl.h>

Public Methods

NVBIO_FORCEINLINE NVBIO_HOST_DEVICE extract_unique_adjacencies (const uint32 *_node_offsets, const uint32 *_prefix_uids, const uint32 *_suffix_uids, const uint32 *_edge_counts, uint32 *_node_adj_map, uint32 *_edge_counts_shuffled)
operator() (const uint32 prefix_idx) const

Public Members

const uint32node_offsets
const uint32prefix_uids
const uint32suffix_uids
const uint32edge_counts

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NVBIO_FORCEINLINE NVBIO_HOST_DEVICE extract_unique_adjacencies::extract_unique_adjacencies ( const uint32 _node_offsets,
const uint32 _prefix_uids,
const uint32 _suffix_uids,
const uint32 _edge_counts,
uint32 _node_adj_map,
uint32 _edge_counts_shuffled 

Definition at line 992 of file kmers_inl.h.

Member Function Documentation

NVBIO_FORCEINLINE NVBIO_HOST_DEVICE void extract_unique_adjacencies::operator() ( const uint32  prefix_idx) const

Definition at line 1003 of file kmers_inl.h.

Member Data Documentation

const uint32* extract_unique_adjacencies::edge_counts

Definition at line 987 of file kmers_inl.h.

uint32* extract_unique_adjacencies::edge_counts_shuffled

Definition at line 989 of file kmers_inl.h.

uint32* extract_unique_adjacencies::node_adj_map

Definition at line 988 of file kmers_inl.h.

const uint32* extract_unique_adjacencies::node_offsets

Definition at line 984 of file kmers_inl.h.

const uint32* extract_unique_adjacencies::prefix_uids

Definition at line 985 of file kmers_inl.h.

const uint32* extract_unique_adjacencies::suffix_uids

Definition at line 986 of file kmers_inl.h.

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