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nvbio::DCS Struct Reference

Detailed description

A data structure to hold a Difference Cover Sample

Definition at line 151 of file dcs.h.

#include <dcs.h>

Public Types

typedef DCSView plain_view_type

Public Methods

template<uint32 QT>
void init ()
uint32 estimate_sample_size (const uint64 string_len) const

Static Public Methods

template<uint32 QT>
static uint32 estimated_sample_size (const uint64 string_len)

Public Members

uint32 Q
 difference cover period More...
uint32 N
 difference cover quorum More...
thrust::device_vector< uint32d_dc
 difference cover table More...
thrust::device_vector< uint32d_lut
 the (i,j) -> l LUT More...
thrust::device_vector< uint32d_pos
 the DC -> pos mapping More...
thrust::device_vector< uint8d_bitmask
 difference cover bitmask More...
thrust::device_vector< uint32d_ranks
 ordered DCS ranks More...

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 153 of file dcs.h.

Member Function Documentation

uint32 nvbio::DCS::estimate_sample_size ( const uint64  string_len) const

estimate sample size

Definition at line 167 of file dcs.h.

template<uint32 QT>
static uint32 nvbio::DCS::estimated_sample_size ( const uint64  string_len)

estimate sample size

Definition at line 163 of file dcs.h.

template<uint32 QT>
void nvbio::DCS::init ( void  )


Definition at line 140 of file dcs_inl.h.

Member Data Documentation

thrust::device_vector<uint8> nvbio::DCS::d_bitmask

difference cover bitmask

Definition at line 175 of file dcs.h.

thrust::device_vector<uint32> nvbio::DCS::d_dc

difference cover table

Definition at line 172 of file dcs.h.

thrust::device_vector<uint32> nvbio::DCS::d_lut

the (i,j) -> l LUT

Definition at line 173 of file dcs.h.

thrust::device_vector<uint32> nvbio::DCS::d_pos

the DC -> pos mapping

Definition at line 174 of file dcs.h.

thrust::device_vector<uint32> nvbio::DCS::d_ranks

ordered DCS ranks

Definition at line 176 of file dcs.h.

uint32 nvbio::DCS::N

difference cover quorum

Definition at line 170 of file dcs.h.

uint32 nvbio::DCS::Q

difference cover period

Definition at line 169 of file dcs.h.

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