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nvbio::bowtie2::cuda::UberScoringScheme Struct Reference

Detailed description

An uber class containing both an EditDistanceScoringScheme and a SmithWatermanScoringScheme, needed to do option parsing, before it is known which of the two we are going to use

Definition at line 384 of file scoring.h.

#include <scoring.h>

Public Members

EditDistanceScoringScheme ed
SmithWatermanScoringScheme sw

Member Data Documentation

EditDistanceScoringScheme nvbio::bowtie2::cuda::UberScoringScheme::ed

Definition at line 386 of file scoring.h.

SmithWatermanScoringScheme nvbio::bowtie2::cuda::UberScoringScheme::sw

Definition at line 387 of file scoring.h.

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