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nvbio::html::th_object Struct Reference

Detailed description

th element

Definition at line 126 of file html.h.

#include <html.h>

Public Methods

 th_object (FILE *output, const char *name,...)
 th_object (FILE *output, const Formatting formatted,...)
 ~th_object ()

Public Members

FILE * m_output

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

nvbio::html::th_object::th_object ( FILE *  output,
const char *  name,


nameelement name
...NULL-terminated list of key/value string tags

Definition at line 635 of file html.cpp.

nvbio::html::th_object::th_object ( FILE *  output,
const Formatting  formatted,

formatted constructor: allows to specify the element name with a printf-like formatted string

formattedformatting flag
...a NULL-terminated list of key/value string tags followed by a printf-like formatted string

Definition at line 643 of file html.cpp.

nvbio::html::th_object::~th_object ( )


Definition at line 144 of file html.h.

Member Data Documentation

FILE* nvbio::html::th_object::m_output

Definition at line 146 of file html.h.

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