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nvbio::io::BAM_alignment_data_block Struct Reference

Detailed description

Definition at line 75 of file bam_format.h.

#include <bam_format.h>

Public Members

const char * name
uint32 cigar [1024]
uint8 seq [1024]
uint8 qual [1024]
int32 ed
int32 score
int32 second_score
int32 mm
int32 gapo
int32 gape
char md_string [4096]
bool second_score_valid

Member Data Documentation

uint32 nvbio::io::BAM_alignment_data_block::cigar[1024]

Definition at line 78 of file bam_format.h.

int32 nvbio::io::BAM_alignment_data_block::ed

Definition at line 84 of file bam_format.h.

int32 nvbio::io::BAM_alignment_data_block::gape

Definition at line 89 of file bam_format.h.

int32 nvbio::io::BAM_alignment_data_block::gapo

Definition at line 88 of file bam_format.h.

char nvbio::io::BAM_alignment_data_block::md_string[4096]

Definition at line 90 of file bam_format.h.

int32 nvbio::io::BAM_alignment_data_block::mm

Definition at line 87 of file bam_format.h.

const char* nvbio::io::BAM_alignment_data_block::name

Definition at line 77 of file bam_format.h.

uint8 nvbio::io::BAM_alignment_data_block::qual[1024]

Definition at line 81 of file bam_format.h.

int32 nvbio::io::BAM_alignment_data_block::score

Definition at line 85 of file bam_format.h.

int32 nvbio::io::BAM_alignment_data_block::second_score

Definition at line 86 of file bam_format.h.

bool nvbio::io::BAM_alignment_data_block::second_score_valid

Definition at line 93 of file bam_format.h.

uint8 nvbio::io::BAM_alignment_data_block::seq[1024]

Definition at line 79 of file bam_format.h.

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