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nvbio::trie_copy< ALPHABET_SIZE_T, CompressedTrie > Struct Template Reference

Detailed description

template< uint32 ALPHABET_SIZE_T>
struct nvbio::trie_copy< ALPHABET_SIZE_T, CompressedTrie >

Definition at line 233 of file suffix_trie_inl.h.

#include <suffix_trie_inl.h>

Static Public Methods

template<typename InTrieType , typename OutVectorType >
static void enact (const InTrieType &in_trie, const typename InTrieType::node_type in_node, OutVectorType &out_nodes, const uint32 out_node_index)

Member Function Documentation

template<uint32 ALPHABET_SIZE_T>
template<typename InTrieType , typename OutVectorType >
static void nvbio::trie_copy< ALPHABET_SIZE_T, CompressedTrie >::enact ( const InTrieType &  in_trie,
const typename InTrieType::node_type  in_node,
OutVectorType &  out_nodes,
const uint32  out_node_index 

Definition at line 236 of file suffix_trie_inl.h.

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