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vector.h File Reference

Define host / device vectors. More...

#include <nvbio/basic/types.h>
#include <nvbio/basic/iterator.h>
#include <nvbio/basic/thrust_view.h>
#include <nvbio/basic/vector_view.h>
#include <thrust/host_vector.h>
#include <thrust/device_vector.h>

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struct  nvbio::vector< system_tag, T >
struct  nvbio::vector< host_tag, T >
struct  nvbio::vector< device_tag, T >
struct  nvbio::device_iterator_type< T >
struct  nvbio::device_iterator_type< T * >
struct  nvbio::device_iterator_type< const T * >


 Define a vector_view POD type and plain_view() for std::vector.


template<typename T >
device_iterator_type< T >::type nvbio::device_iterator (const T it)

Detailed Description

Define host / device vectors.

Definition in file vector.h.