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MLT Struct Reference

Detailed description

Plain old Veach's MLT (or a parallel version thereof...)

#include <mlt.h>

Inheritance diagram for MLT:

Public Methods

void init (int argc, char **argv, RenderingContext &renderer)
void render (const uint32 instance, RenderingContext &renderer)
void sample_seeds (MLTContext &context)
void recover_seed_paths (MLTContext &context, RenderingContextView &renderer_view)
void destroy ()
void alloc (MLTContext &context, cugar::memory_arena &arena, const uint32 n_pixels, const uint32 n_chains)
- Public Methods inherited from RendererInterface
virtual uint32 auxiliary_channel_count ()
virtual void register_auxiliary_channels (FBufferStorage &fbuffer, const uint32 channel_offset)
virtual void update_scene (RenderingContext &renderer)
virtual void keyboard (unsigned char character, int x, int y, bool &invalidate)
virtual void mouse (RenderingContext &renderer, int button, int state, int x, int y)
virtual void draw (RenderingContext &renderer)
virtual void dump_speed_stats (FILE *stats)

Static Public Methods

static RendererInterfacefactory ()

Public Members

MLTOptions m_options
TiledSequence m_sequence
BPTQueuesStorage m_queues
VertexStorage m_light_vertices
float m_image_brightness
uint32 m_n_lights
uint32 m_n_init_paths
uint32 m_n_connections
DomainBuffer< CUDA_BUFFER, uint8 > m_memory_pool
DomainBuffer< CUDA_BUFFER, float > m_connections_cdf
DomainBuffer< HOST_BUFFER, float > m_path_pdf_backup
cugar::LFSRGeneratorMatrix m_generator
cugar::LFSRRandomStream m_random

Member Function Documentation

◆ destroy()

void MLT::destroy ( )

this method is responsible for destroying the object itself

Reimplemented from RendererInterface.

◆ init()

void MLT::init ( int  argc,
char **  argv,
RenderingContext renderer 

this method is responsible for any command options parsing / initializations the renderer might need to perform

Reimplemented from RendererInterface.

◆ render()

void MLT::render ( const uint32  instance,
RenderingContext renderer 

this method is responsible for rendering a given frame in a progressive rendering

instancethe frame instance

Reimplemented from RendererInterface.

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