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cufmi::bowtie2::cuda::HitQueuesDeviceView Struct Reference

Detailed description

A view of the HitQueues class

Definition at line 163 of file proposal.h.

#include <proposal.h>

Public Types

typedef device_view_subtype
< ScoringQueues::parent_storage_type >
typedef device_view_subtype
< ScoringQueues::seed_storage_type >
typedef device_view_subtype
< ScoringQueues::ssa_storage_type >
typedef device_view_subtype
< ScoringQueues::loc_storage_type >
typedef device_view_subtype
< ScoringQueues::score_storage_type >
typedef device_view_subtype
< ScoringQueues::sink_storage_type >
typedef HitQueuesDeviceView device_view_type
 view subtype More...
typedef HitReference
< HitQueuesView > 
 reference subtype More...

Public Members

parent_storage_type parent
 hit -> read mapping More...
seed_storage_type hit
 hit info More...
ssa_storage_type ssa
 hit ssa info More...
loc_storage_type loc
 hit locations More...
score_storage_type score
 hit scores More...
sink_storage_type sink
 hit sinks More...
loc_storage_type opposite_loc
 hit locations, opposite mate More...
score_storage_type opposite_score
 hit scores, opposite mate More...
sink_storage_type opposite_sink
 hit sinks, opposite mate More...

Member Typedef Documentation

view subtype

Definition at line 172 of file proposal.h.

typedef device_view_subtype<ScoringQueues::loc_storage_type>::type cufmi::bowtie2::cuda::HitQueuesDeviceView::loc_storage_type

Definition at line 168 of file proposal.h.

typedef device_view_subtype<ScoringQueues::parent_storage_type>::type cufmi::bowtie2::cuda::HitQueuesDeviceView::parent_storage_type

Definition at line 165 of file proposal.h.

reference subtype

Definition at line 173 of file proposal.h.

typedef device_view_subtype<ScoringQueues::score_storage_type>::type cufmi::bowtie2::cuda::HitQueuesDeviceView::score_storage_type

Definition at line 169 of file proposal.h.

typedef device_view_subtype<ScoringQueues::seed_storage_type>::type cufmi::bowtie2::cuda::HitQueuesDeviceView::seed_storage_type

Definition at line 166 of file proposal.h.

typedef device_view_subtype<ScoringQueues::sink_storage_type>::type cufmi::bowtie2::cuda::HitQueuesDeviceView::sink_storage_type

Definition at line 170 of file proposal.h.

typedef device_view_subtype<ScoringQueues::ssa_storage_type>::type cufmi::bowtie2::cuda::HitQueuesDeviceView::ssa_storage_type

Definition at line 167 of file proposal.h.

Member Data Documentation

seed_storage_type cufmi::bowtie2::cuda::HitQueuesDeviceView::hit

hit info

Definition at line 176 of file proposal.h.

loc_storage_type cufmi::bowtie2::cuda::HitQueuesDeviceView::loc

hit locations

Definition at line 178 of file proposal.h.

loc_storage_type cufmi::bowtie2::cuda::HitQueuesDeviceView::opposite_loc

hit locations, opposite mate

Definition at line 181 of file proposal.h.

score_storage_type cufmi::bowtie2::cuda::HitQueuesDeviceView::opposite_score

hit scores, opposite mate

Definition at line 182 of file proposal.h.

sink_storage_type cufmi::bowtie2::cuda::HitQueuesDeviceView::opposite_sink

hit sinks, opposite mate

Definition at line 183 of file proposal.h.

parent_storage_type cufmi::bowtie2::cuda::HitQueuesDeviceView::parent

hit -> read mapping

Definition at line 175 of file proposal.h.

score_storage_type cufmi::bowtie2::cuda::HitQueuesDeviceView::score

hit scores

Definition at line 179 of file proposal.h.

sink_storage_type cufmi::bowtie2::cuda::HitQueuesDeviceView::sink

hit sinks

Definition at line 180 of file proposal.h.

ssa_storage_type cufmi::bowtie2::cuda::HitQueuesDeviceView::ssa

hit ssa info

Definition at line 177 of file proposal.h.

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