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nvbio::TimeSeries Struct Reference

Detailed description

A class used to keep track of several timing statistics for repeating kernel or function calls

Definition at line 125 of file timer.h.

#include <timer.h>

Public Methods

 TimeSeries ()
void add (const uint32 c, const float t, const float dt=0.0f)
float avg_speed () const

Public Members

std::string name
std::string units
uint32 num
uint64 calls
float time
float device_time
float max_speed
uint32 bin_calls [32]
uint64 bin_items [32]
float bin_time [32]
float bin_speed [32]
std::deque< std::pair< uint32,
float > > 
float user [32]
const char * user_names [32]
const char * user_units [32]
bool user_avg [32]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

nvbio::TimeSeries::TimeSeries ( )


Definition at line 129 of file timer.h.

Member Function Documentation

void nvbio::TimeSeries::add ( const uint32  c,
const float  t,
const float  dt = 0.0f 

add a sample

cthe number of calls / items processed
tthe amount of time spent
dtthe amount of device-time spent

Definition at line 149 of file timer.h.

float nvbio::TimeSeries::avg_speed ( ) const

Definition at line 168 of file timer.h.

Member Data Documentation

uint32 nvbio::TimeSeries::bin_calls[32]

Definition at line 178 of file timer.h.

uint64 nvbio::TimeSeries::bin_items[32]

Definition at line 179 of file timer.h.

float nvbio::TimeSeries::bin_speed[32]

Definition at line 181 of file timer.h.

float nvbio::TimeSeries::bin_time[32]

Definition at line 180 of file timer.h.

uint64 nvbio::TimeSeries::calls

Definition at line 174 of file timer.h.

float nvbio::TimeSeries::device_time

Definition at line 176 of file timer.h.

std::deque< std::pair<uint32,float> > nvbio::TimeSeries::info

Definition at line 182 of file timer.h.

float nvbio::TimeSeries::max_speed

Definition at line 177 of file timer.h.

std::string nvbio::TimeSeries::name

Definition at line 170 of file timer.h.

uint32 nvbio::TimeSeries::num

Definition at line 173 of file timer.h.

float nvbio::TimeSeries::time

Definition at line 175 of file timer.h.

std::string nvbio::TimeSeries::units

Definition at line 171 of file timer.h.

float nvbio::TimeSeries::user[32]

Definition at line 184 of file timer.h.

bool nvbio::TimeSeries::user_avg[32]

Definition at line 187 of file timer.h.

const char* nvbio::TimeSeries::user_names[32]

Definition at line 185 of file timer.h.

const char* nvbio::TimeSeries::user_units[32]

Definition at line 186 of file timer.h.

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