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cli_req_t< T, AddrWidth, N > Class Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for cli_req_t< T, AddrWidth, N >:
nvhls_message nvhls_message

Public Member Functions

 NVUINTW (AddrWidth) addr[N]
template<unsigned int Size>
void Marshall (Marshaller< Size > &m)
 NVUINTW (AddrWidth) addr[N]
template<unsigned int Size>
void Marshall (Marshaller< Size > &m)

Public Attributes

bool valids [N]
data [N]
ScratchpadOpcode opcode
sc_lv< N > valids

Static Public Attributes

static const unsigned int type_width = Wrapped<T>::width
static const int width = 1 + N + N * (AddrWidth + type_width)
static const unsigned int width = kScratchpadOpcodeSize + N + N * (AddrWidth + type_width)

Detailed Description

template<typename T, unsigned int AddrWidth, unsigned int N>
class cli_req_t< T, AddrWidth, N >

Definition at line 38 of file ArbitratedScratchpadTypes.h.

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