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Detailed Description

This module contains all of nvLighter's class hierarchy. nvLighter is composed of the following important pieces:


struct  BloomFilters< system_tag >
struct  block_occupancy_functor
struct  ErrorCorrectStage
struct  InputStageData
struct  InputStage
struct  OutputStageData
struct  OutputStage
struct  SampleKmersStage
struct  TrustedKmersStage


enum  KmersType { SAMPLED_KMERS = 0, TRUSTED_KMERS = 1 }


void merge (BloomFilters< host_tag > *h_bloom_filters, const uint32 device_count, BloomFilters< device_tag > *d_bloom_filters, const KmersType type)
void merged_stats (const BloomFilters< host_tag > *h_bloom_filters, const uint32 device_count, const BloomFilters< device_tag > *d_bloom_filters, nvbio::vector< host_tag, uint64 > &stats)
template<typename system_tag >
void compute_bloom_filter_stats (const BloomFilters< system_tag > &bloom_filters, const KmersType type, const uint32 K, float &occupancy, float &approx_size, float &fp)

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum KmersType

The kmer Bloom filter types


Definition at line 61 of file bloom_filters.h.

Function Documentation

template<typename system_tag >
void compute_bloom_filter_stats ( const BloomFilters< system_tag > &  bloom_filters,
const KmersType  type,
const uint32  K,
float &  occupancy,
float &  approx_size,
float &  fp 

compute Bloom filter usage statistics

Definition at line 253 of file bloom_filters.h.

void merge ( BloomFilters< host_tag > *  h_bloom_filters,
const uint32  device_count,
BloomFilters< device_tag > *  d_bloom_filters,
const KmersType  type 

merge several Bloom filters

Definition at line 154 of file bloom_filters.h.

void merged_stats ( const BloomFilters< host_tag > *  h_bloom_filters,
const uint32  device_count,
const BloomFilters< device_tag > *  d_bloom_filters,
nvbio::vector< host_tag, uint64 > &  stats 

merge several stats

Definition at line 208 of file bloom_filters.h.