Here is a list of all modules:
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 Stateless datapath blocks - implemented as functions
 Nvhls_intInteger library with built-in support for sc_int and ac_int datatypes
 CrossbarConfigurable nxn crossbar datapath
 One_hot_to_binOne-hot to binary convertor
 Loosly-timed units with state - implemented as classes
 ArbiterConfigurable n inputs arbiter
 MemArrayAbstract Memory Class
 FIFOConfigurable FIFO class
 Nvhls_vectorVector helper container with vector operations
 ConnectionsModular IO supporting latency-insensitive channels
 ArbitratedCrossbarCrossbar with conflict arbitration and queuing
 ArbitratedScratchpadScratchpad memories with arbitration and queuing
 ReorderBufferOut-of-order writes into queue, in-order reads
 Timed units - implemented as sc_module
 WHVCRouterWormhole router with virtual channels
 SerDesN-bit packets to/from M cycles of (N/M)-bit packets
 CacheDirect-mapped Cache design
 ScratchpadBanked Memory Array with Crossbar
 FlitMplexMux multiple input channels to single output channel
 FlitDeMplexDeMux single input channel to one of multiple output channels
 AXIMaster/Slave Interfaces & bridges for AXI interconnect
 Misc utilities and auxiliary constructs
 TypeToBitsConvert any datatype to bit-vector
 Nvhls_packetConfigurable packet and flit classes
 ComptreesCompile-time minmax tree
 DebugPrintDebug print statements
 Nvhls_arrayA variant of synthesizable array implementation
 AssertionsMacros for synthesizable and non-synthesizable assertions
 MarshallerMarshaller is used to automatically convert types to logic vector and vice versa
 StaticMaxStaticMax Class: returns the larger value between two unsigned integers
 BitUnion2BitUnion2 class: A union class to hold two Marshallers
 Nvhls_moduleMatchlib Module class: a wrapper of sc_module with tracing and stats support
 TracerTracer class to dump simulation stats to an output stream
 NVHLSVerifyVerification co-simulation support
 Non-synthesizable components suitable for testbench construction
 PacerRandom stall generator
 Set_random_seedSet random seed
 Gen_random_payloadGenerate Random payload of any type
 Get_randGenerate Random integer value of desired width